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Our work dynamic consists of an exclusive, modern, creative and convenient service for our clients: attending their problems in a personalized way, providing preventive and solving advice with total reserve and confidentiality, both in person and remotely, attending their concerns and legal and commercial conflicts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We maintain a combination of advice, practice and institutional communication, providing each one with: «reserve and loyalty to the interests that were given to us».

We have a group of outstanding Lawyers and Advisors in Argentina and abroad, covering all the specific areas of law in the different Courts of the country, as well as abroad in Argentina and the different jurisdictions according to the quality services we offer.



We take care through responsibility, commitment, confidentiality and ethics of the creation of companies abroad, making special focus in USA and Caribbean countries like Panama, British Virgin Islands (BBVI) and Cook Islands.


The creation of the LLC in the state of Florida allows foreign residents to have their company in the USA and be able to operate with foreign currency through a bank account in dollars.

This modality serves as protection of patrimony, tax protection and as a means of investment for both companies and individual clients.

The documentation for the creation of the LLC (Limited Liability Company), is in digital form and has minimum requirements.

Also, the EIN is managed, which allows after being created is necessary to operate in the USA and in your country, collect in dollars with digital platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. In your bank account created in USA in your country of destination, through your own company.

The opening of the Bank Account is included in the agreed price, it can be a Digital Bank, in a Physical Bank or in both according to the need and the activities of the client.

The LLC can be terminated at any time of the year, which will be accompanied by the required documentation.

The low cost of maintenance is given in the presentation of expenses that is Annual and we have experts in International Taxes that carry out the procedure as an additional service.

With respect to the tax part, the LLCs constituted individually do not pay any type of tax or encumbrance, only the presentation of the annual invoicing that is made in the month of March.

Investment LLCs with Real Estate, Registered Furniture or Profit Services in USA (constituted with more than one person) pay Incomes and Outcomes Taxes that are made by correspondent accountants in USA of our company for your peace of mind, which are as an indication far below what they pay in any other part of the world, providing protection and tax gain.

The most important thing about our service is that it is offered to any citizen of the world without the need to travel to the USA, so it is very convenient for our customers, accessing all services remotely in your mailbox in a confidential manner



We act in the management of the obtaining, procedures, legal advice for the obtaining in the different modalities to obtain visas of residence through the diverse systems in several countries of the world:

  • Golden Visas in the European Community (Spain, Italy, Cyprus)
  • Estonian Digital Visa for IT workers
  • Visa in USA for Investment in Real Estate and Commercial Services
  • Friends of Panama Visa
  • Visa in Panama for Investment


With the evolution of communication and digital media, the firm is in charge of the preventive part with the application of several measures as well as the corresponding legal actions, in Argentina in the Federal Justice and in the rest of the world, of the new crimes that have arisen and have been perpetrated through digital media and social networks. We take special care of the crimes of:

  • Protection and adaptation of strategies in view of the vulnerabilities of Internet use.
  • Deletion of personal data on the web
  • Service for a company to eliminate negative data on the web – Right to Oblivion
  • Advice and drafting of Smart Contracts
  • Advice on Constitution and Training of E-Sports Teams
  • Fashion Law


  • Theft of bank details
  • Impersonation and Personal Data Theft
  • Crimes against Honor and Misprints


From the firm we focus on the protection, registration and defense of assets before the competent bodies, both in the Argentine Republic and in the World of:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Industrial Property,
  • Registration of Trademarks and Patents
  • Industrial Models and Designs (With professionals associated with the study)
  • Copyright before the various bodies
  • Computer Systems and Software Registration
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Oppositions by name or improper use in Argentina and abroad


We are dedicated to providing services in criminal matters in various cases that may be immersed from the stage of preliminary investigation or complaint, forward in the process.

We are always attentive to the changes and evolution of the various legal trends that arise in this area, to obtain the best results and thus benefit our customers, providing a quality service and excellence effectively resolving the issues raised.